Did you miss me?

Hello you one reader you. Did you miss me?

No? Didn’t think so.

While have returned to try again. I will get this, I think. Where have I been?

  • Work
  • Online Classes
  • Disneyland
  • Repeat

Yes I have no real life at all but I did go to 90s Nite at Disneyland. So fun. It rained, we danced, I didn’t fall. It was a good time had by all. Well maybe not all. Boyfriend didn’t have much fun. It was a good time had by everyone other than my boyfriend who has no fun.

Now it’s back to school and work. I am almost done with my classes this go. Scary. 43 days left at last count.

#ad If you are thinking about going back to school in 2019, DO IT!!!! Come to Western Governors University (WGU). It’s the best. They offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees in four different fields (IT, Education, Healthcare and Business). It is 100% online and you study on your schedule. They have classes starting the first of every month so there is no waiting. It really is a great school. I hope you enroll. You won’t regret it.

unnamed (1)

If you click on this link and complete the form, you have your application fee waived ($65 value) and I get some credit for the school store to get some swag.

So what are you waiting for. Tomorrow is Now!


Well that’s my life. I am starting to give more shout outs to the products and things in my life that I love. So be on the look out for deals. You know I got you boo.

To see the latest on me,  follow me on my Facebook and Instagram accouts. Not going to lie, I want to hit 10K on each and have a long way to go so please help a sister out.


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